In the movie Gandhi, Ben Kingsley (Gandhi) is speaking to youthful leaders and this quote stood out: “Our best young minds assume an air of Eastern dignity while greedily assimilating every Western weakness as quickly as they can acquire it”.

That insightful, candid observation by Gandhi emphasized the concepts of honesty and integrity, while displaying one of the admirable traits I’ve noticed to be consistent amongst great leaders…candor.

Powerful leaders not only lead by example, but are able to instill an element of trust and cohesiveness throughout their teams and organizations.

Employees passionately follow dynamic leaders who can be counted on to “do what they say they are going to do”, and in turn hold their forces accountable with the same expectation.

The key element of candor is evident when everyone knows what the expectations are, where they stand, what is and isn’t working, and what collective actions must be taken to ensure continued success. Does your leadership style scream Candid Candor?