OrganizingIn the 1800’s, theorist Henri Fayol, a director of a French mining company, was credited with breaking management down into four primary functions:
Planning, Organizing, Directing and Controlling.

Planning: encompasses the concept of Vision…looking at current state, seeing the future, and then doing the applicable forecasting, goal setting and determination of actions to be taken.

Organizing: deals with designing the appropriate structure, and consequent use of resources to accomplish the aforementioned actions and goals.

Directing: ensures a focus on the correct activities, while leading and motivating the team towards the desired results.

Controlling: observes that the necessary actions are being carried out according to the predetermined plan.

In order to not overcomplicate the management process, this simple checklist serves as a useful tool for any leader to “look in the mirror” and conduct a self-inspection as to whether they are executing on all four of the fundamental functions.