It is human nature for people and employees to be uncomfortable with change.  We often become content with the way things are, don’t want to “rock the boat” or disrupt the status quo.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, if organizations not only want to compete but ultimately WIN, change is virtually mandatory.

Having gone through numerous corporate transition periods, whether it be rapid growth, adjusting to radical technology introductions, downsizing, or mergers & acquisitions, the most common mistake that stands in the way of “buy-in” from team members seems to be poor communication.

As lives become disrupted and the future becomes uncertain, fear sets in.  Members of the organization are not typically willing to accept change quickly and enthusiastically!

What becomes critical is proactive communication.  Leaders must provide a clear understanding of why the change needs to occur, an exciting vision about what it means for the future, and an honest explanation of how it impacts EVERYONE in the company.

Perhaps most important for the “change-agents” is to be positive and motivational if they expect the transition period to succeed.  Of course, those traits can be used on a daily basis as well!

therefore change is good