During the next few blogs, I’m going to break down leadership into a few critical, essential components that will provide a prescription for how one can truly “LIVE” the role of an exemplary Leader.

Today, we start with “L” for a brief definition of Leaders…

LEADERS are VISIONARIES.  In plotting the vision for their organizations, there is a passion for change, creation and success.  These people see MORE, see FURTHER, and see EARLIER than others do.

LEADERS ensure that the business VISION is clearly understood, and further engage their entire team for participation and commitment towards following a shared path.

LEADERS lead by EXAMPLE in doing, not just talking.  They jump right into the action and work side-by-side with their subordinates in order to achieve a mutual goal.

LEADERS do the RIGHT THING…always.  Their behavior demonstrates the standards and values for everyone else under their command.

Perhaps most importantly, LEADERS must be willing to put their TEAM’S performance ahead of their own egos.

Bryant Ldrship