Empowering your team is essential for enabling successful results.  My experience indicates that employees with the appropriate passion and commitment will often surprise you with what they can produce, if you give them the chance!

LEADERS…encourage decision making.  Provide clear directions, check for understanding, and then let your people go out to create and deliver.

LEADERS…delegate responsibility and then hold their team accountable for generating the desired results.

LEADERS…coach and train to the extent that is required and necessary.  Your staff can execute as long as they are equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities to produce what you are asking of them.

LEADERS…openly and frequently solicit input from their people and genuinely listen so the feedback can be utilized to improve overall performance.

LEADERS…expand the roles and responsibilities of their subordinates, stirring them towards enrichment and enlargement.

Occasionally, I need to remind myself to let “my ponies run”, avoiding micro-management mode!  Give it a try…you’ll be amazed at the aptitude, attitude and altitude demonstrated when providing your team with the opportunity to be creative and take ownership over challenging scenarios.

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