Last night, I was speaking with a friend who had just left an important position with their company due to an intolerable, demeaning boss.  This now former-employee was experienced and competent, and served in a high-demand role.

I recently read an article citing a study by Wayne Hochwarter at the FSU College of Business.   It analyzed why dissatisfied employees leave their jobs, revealing the following:

  • 31 % received the “silent treatment” (communication)
  • 37 % noted that credit was not given when due (one-minute praisings)
  • 39 % stated their supervisor failed to keep promises (commitment)
  • 27 % felt that their supervisor made negative comments about them to others (integrity)
  • 23 % said their “leader” blamed others to cover up mistakes (honesty)

These unbelievable yet actual, every-day events validate the concept that in many cases, good employees leave companies based on their management (or lack thereof!).

Take a pulse on your style and rest assured that any of these actions do not reflect leadership.


ee Pulse