By definition, Human Capital describes the combination of knowledge, skills and experience that an organization’s employees possess.

It is often stated that people (your talent) are the most important asset of a leader or organization.  Yet, all too often managers perform pitifully in providing their team with the focused attention they deserve.

To achieve alignment with the definition of Human Capital, leaders should consider the following checkpoints for each and every direct-report during the conduct of business:

  • do you have a genuine command of the knowledge that the individual possesses, what they’ve learned and acquired through prior work and life experiences, and what areas they desire or need to learn more about?
  • have you tested for application of the requisite skills in order for the person to optimize performance in their current, and future roles?
  • are you providing the necessary coaching, teaching, feedback and follow-up to help the employee develop their fullest talents, directed at achieving ongoing growth and success?

Strong leaders ensure that consistent monitoring, training, reinforcement and praising is an ongoing event under their watch.