Once a talent strategy has been refined to understanding the quantity and quality of employees required to optimize results, a diligent sourcing process commences.

Uncovering and identifying ideal candidates through multiple recruiting techniques is an essential process often underemphasized.  The attraction, screening and ultimate selection of the most qualified talent can differentiate between good versus great companies!

Making an assumption that clearly defined human resource needs have been identified, and the corresponding job analysis and descriptions are completed, the various avenues for staffing candidates are extensive.

Primary sources would include traditional job-boards, internet aggregators, state workforce agencies, social media, “now hiring” postings, etc.

Personally, I have experienced the most success when using either:

  • my Linked-In network to seek out former associates or solicit applicants;
  • employee referrals, both internal (current) and external (former).

In either case, the benefit is that of having a known work history surrounding that prospect…past performance is a good indicator of future success.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to secure quality new hires from multiple resources, and to maintain an ongoing pipeline of applicants to assist with ongoing needs.

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