In order for employees to achieve optimal performance, consistent coaching is mandatory.

As noted in the Talent Four-Step blogs, coaching is a constant, ongoing activity which preferably occurs via daily interaction and feedback. Thus, there should be no confusion about where the person stands, what they are doing well and what they need to improve upon.

So what exactly does “coaching” look like? An ideal coach certainly should possess expertise in the area of business (or life) they are mentoring about.

Critical skills during this process include:
• patience and the capacity to be attentive
• a keen ability to actively listen, without interrupting
• genuine interest in what the person is telling you
• a supportive and caring attitude

Successful coaches utilize open-ended questions to gain perspective on their mentee’s opinions, and gain a clarifying understanding surrounding whatever subject or process is being discussed.

Once the “coachee” has had an opportunity to fully share their feelings and insights, it becomes the coaches challenge to ask additional probing questions, and consequently provide the required feedback directed at achieving further progress and improved results.

As the saying goes, “sounds easy, does hard”!