One of the lessons learned early on during my career was that if you didn’t like the way you were being managed by your supervisor, do something constructive about it!

Too many employees complain about their “boss”…how they are treated, the lack of feedback or interaction, no direction, only hearing the negative, etc.  Rather than whining or complaining, or worse yet tolerating the situation in order to “collect that paycheck”, influence change.

Strong performers will complete their required duties and obligations, quickly and efficiently, and then challenge their leader for what’s next?

Instead of waiting on “the person in charge” to give you stimulating assignments, provide direction or deliver performance feedback, take the initiative to manage them by being tenacious in pursuing, and requiring, your job enlargement and enrichment.

Hold that “boss” accountable for doing their job in growing your career, both personally and professionally! That is an obligation of any leader worthy of the title.

Manage Up