Thank You

The “Boltz from Bernie: Leadership Strikes” blog was derived out of a process I started over 15 years ago: recognizing and thanking my peers or employees for outstanding performance by surprising them with handwritten notes or cards which acknowledged a superior effort.

Those writings were headlined as a “Boltz from Bernie” (accompanied with a lightning bolt graphic flashing through the sky!)

This handwritten feedback was very specific, citing exactly what the person did, and why it was special and impactful to our team, as well as the overall organization.

Especially in this day and age of electronic this and texted that, the receipt of a genuine, sincere “Thank You,” done in writing, on unique letterhead or cards, is impactful!

And if hand-delivered with a heartfelt, verbal appreciation of what the team member has accomplished, all the better.

Writer’s Note: I remain humbled by how often I’ve seen these documents proudly displayed in cubicles, offices and even homes years after they were issued to my valued employees.