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The band Astral Projection released their song “Searching for the UFOs” in 1999.

In the business world, especially during any rapid growth periods, my recommendation is for leadership to be searching for the BFOs, aka the Blinding Flash of the Obvious!

Let’s start with the big assumption that an organization has a clearly defined mission, vision, goals and consequently a strategic plan in place to accomplish all of the aforementioned.

It’s amazing to me how often leadership continues to go in search of new and better ways of operating, well before ever giving their original strategy and tactics a chance to work.

The BFOs represent something that should have been very evident all along yet the team was moving so fast, and without recalibration, that solutions to issues and/or opportunities, that were staring them right in the face, were not realized.

Reflection and paying attention can convert what was a confusing challenge into a remedy that has now become terribly obvious!

And by the way, an obvious place to seek guidance in this area is through solicitation of both employees and customers alike.

Capt Obvious




I’ve frequently observed a misunderstanding amongst leaders in differentiating between what actions are strategic versus tactical.

Although the distinction is seemingly simple, this confusion warrants clarification.

An organization, or individual for that matter, is striving to accomplish a mission comprised of various goals.  The process for accomplishing this is referred to as strategic planning…the creation of a written project plan that determines where we are right now, where we want to go, and how we will get there?

Strategic planning integrates multiple resources in order to establish the roadmap for how to successfully achieve the desired outcome(s).

Strategy development is the higher-level thought process that includes planning, creating operational changes and defining pertinent goals required to realize the objective.

Tactics, on the other hand, are the multiple, specific actions necessary to achieve each of those respective identified goals.

The graphic below provides a clarifying visualization on this topic.