4 E's

Prior “Boltz” messages have stressed the importance of feedback sessions with your team.  These interactions assure alignment while providing 360 degree candid conversations to occur…IF the leader has created an environment that allows open and honest communication without repercussions!

Such an environment typically promotes the Four E’s noted in the above image.  I believe these are crucial components in achieving the successful leadership of any group, team or organization.

It is well-documented in multiple surveys that employee empowerment and engagement are often key determinants that impact whether a person stays with, or leaves, their employer.

Furthermore, a culture that promotes enhancement of roles and responsibilities while providing the resources and knowledge to enable optimum performance typically achieves results far superior to operations that don’t embrace these strategies.

With these high-level notions in mind, stay tuned for a well-warranted separate discussion on each of these Four E’s in upcoming posts!