As opposed to job enlargement, which simply increases the number of tasks without changing the challenge, job enhancement or job enrichment increases an employee’s responsibilities while also providing them with additional authority and control over the way their tasks are accomplished.

During various leadership roles throughout my career, it has been universally evident that when colleagues are given new and exciting challenges in their roles, spicing things up with a little meaningful variety, it tends to be quite motivating for that individual.

The engaged type of employees you want to have on your team yearn for excitement, recognition and being part of the organization’s success.

Leaders who further support these employee’s expanded roles with ongoing feedback, encouragement, and communication are often privy to watching career growth unfold before their very eyes as they assist that person in achieving their true potential!

By the way, I’d suggest linking the employees performance directly to a reward (that they desire) to further fuel their fire.  Challenge them and let them surprise you with the results.