Experienced leaders understand that there are enough positive people in the world that there is no need to waste valuable time and energy managing the toxic ones.

Not everyone is a “celebrity” performer.  However, if they bring the proper energy, commitment, do the best they are capable of doing (at acceptable production levels, of course), and are trainable, then they can be a great asset to your talent pool.

On the other hand, “superstars” will never be a good fit if they are manipulative, combative or otherwise a negative force.  Leadership is often hesitant to eliminate these types of employees and their viral attitudes for fear that the business operation might suffer.

News flash: if these workers exist, your organization is already suffering!  The negativity is infectious to peer employees, and can quickly spread to others, especially if these folks are in high-profile positions.

If “unhealthy” talent exists in your operation today, here are your options:

  • help them understand their adverse impact and develop a plan to quickly correct it;
  • help them find another career where they can make someone else miserable!
  • ignore the situation and watch your results and retention suffer.