Despite being the last President not to have a college degree, Harry Truman was an extremely educated person, much the result of being a lifelong, avid reader.

For many years, I chose not to read.  However, I encountered caring leaders along my career path who challenged me to keep growing and learning, often through books they would suggest.

After learning that lesson, I’ve frequently “paid that strategy forward” with several of my peers and friends, and have seen many transformations from non-reader to learning addict!

As in my case, if you find that you are too lazy or too easily distracted to read, you can always listen to audio books in your car and painlessly attend, what the late Zig Ziglar called, “automobile university” while driving.

Ironically, my own personal development in the early 1990’s started with listening to Tony Robbins’ Personal Power tapes.  It’s ironic that Mr. Robbins credited much of his early success to becoming a voracious reader, getting his hands on as much written knowledge and experience as possible.

By the way, it’s never too late to start on your self-improvement and self-development.  Dr. Seuss reminded us of this profound truth in a very simple way:

“The more that you read

The more things you will know.

The more that you learn

The more places you will go.”

With all this in mind, what’s keeping you from expanding your mental horizons???

By the way, if you need some ideas on where to begin your reading efforts, I’d recommend checking out Tom Butler-Bowdon’s “50 Success Classics” to get ideas about how to start this journey!