Another valuable message from the Two-Minute Tune-Up.

Two-Minute Tune-Up

It may seem impossible to revive warm thoughts toward someone we have grown to tolerate or even despise, but it is easier than we think.

Try this for one week, only if you are willing to be amazed:

  1. Give Compliments. (In order to do this sincerely, we must look beyond what we don’t like.)
  2. Contemplate the things that used to delight us about them.
  3. Say thank you and I’m sorry as we would to mere acquaintances.
  4. Speak gently and kindly to them. (Start with thinking gently and kindly about them.)
  5. Pray for their happiness.

Because disappointment can “flash-freeze” my feelings in an instant, I made a commitment to delight in my family and friends every day. What a difference it has made.



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