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Managing your life’s activities and consequently how you spend your valuable time is controlled by no one other than yourself.

Of course, its easy to let circumstances overcome your personal power and, as a result, you can fall into the trap of “feeling like the world is conspiring against you.”

For the most part, the reality is that we, as individuals, are responsible for the choices we make.

Having dealt with employees, bosses and/or clients who have expressed their discontent with how their lives are at the apparent mercy of others, I quickly remind them that they are in control of their schedule and destiny.

A simple starting point is to begin every day with your personal game plan, allowing some time for the unexpected surprises and time-bandits that WILL occur, and then implement your personal discipline to ensure that your day is spent the way that YOU had intended.


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Having spent time recently reviewing the plethora of information available regarding career search strategies, I’ve noticed some common denominators that are essential to a job seeker’s efforts.

Regardless of what your approach is, the following appear as consistent and universal actions:

1) Resume content and written communications must be flawless in terms of spelling and grammar.

2) Tailor your resume for the specific position being sought.

3) Whenever possible, include a cover letter which addresses how you will contribute to the hiring company.

4) Address communications to specific individuals (internet resources will allow you to impress hiring managers with this tactic versus using generic titles like “Dear Hiring Manager”).

5) Optimize the use of your professional network and relationships to get referrals, references and information about available positions.

6) Obtain knowledge in advance about any potential employer.  This is crucial in determining if you will enjoy a career there, as well as being a requirement during thorough interview preparation.

Implement all six and improve your chances of having your talent discovered!

Mark Twain stated that “the two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.”

In discussing people’s “careers” with them, there is a consistent pattern of dissatisfaction with their work.  Whether it’s the “job” itself, the compensation, the boss, the lack of meaning, or whatever else, they are merely dragging themselves to a world they dislike for the sake of “collecting a paycheck.”

If you think in terms of committing  between twenty to forty years of your life “earning a living”, why not spend that time doing something you have a love or desire for???

There are countless stories about people who were fed up and took a chance to pursue their passions, chased that dream…and became very successful in the process.

Take a moment to reflect on your situation, and ask yourself if this is really what you want to do with your life?  Happiness is waiting out there…

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