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Action = Priorities

Your genuine priorities are exhibited by what you focus on and how you actually “spend” your valuable time.

Those actions and decisions have, thus far, lead you to where you are (or aren’t) today.

For passions that are truly a personal priority for you, you can find a way to make them become a reality (and given the dynamic nature of our lives, that vision can, and will, frequently change).

Your ultimate desires will be the ones that command your attention and awareness.  These are the activities in your life that matter the most to you.  This is where you MUST invest your time, interest and energy.

A sound prioritization process should provide you with the ability to determine what actions will bring both joy and fulfillment into your life, and into the lives of others!


Managing your life’s activities and consequently how you spend your valuable time is controlled by no one other than yourself.

Of course, its easy to let circumstances overcome your personal power and, as a result, you can fall into the trap of “feeling like the world is conspiring against you.”

For the most part, the reality is that we, as individuals, are responsible for the choices we make.

Having dealt with employees, bosses and/or clients who have expressed their discontent with how their lives are at the apparent mercy of others, I quickly remind them that they are in control of their schedule and destiny.

A simple starting point is to begin every day with your personal game plan, allowing some time for the unexpected surprises and time-bandits that WILL occur, and then implement your personal discipline to ensure that your day is spent the way that YOU had intended.