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Thank You

The “Boltz from Bernie: Leadership Strikes” blog was derived out of a process I started over 15 years ago: recognizing and thanking my peers or employees for outstanding performance by surprising them with handwritten notes or cards which acknowledged a superior effort.

Those writings were headlined as a “Boltz from Bernie” (accompanied with a lightning bolt graphic flashing through the sky!)

This handwritten feedback was very specific, citing exactly what the person did, and why it was special and impactful to our team, as well as the overall organization.

Especially in this day and age of electronic this and texted that, the receipt of a genuine, sincere “Thank You,” done in writing, on unique letterhead or cards, is impactful!

And if hand-delivered with a heartfelt, verbal appreciation of what the team member has accomplished, all the better.

Writer’s Note: I remain humbled by how often I’ve seen these documents proudly displayed in cubicles, offices and even homes years after they were issued to my valued employees.


One of the lessons learned early on during my career was that if you didn’t like the way you were being managed by your supervisor, do something constructive about it!

Too many employees complain about their “boss”…how they are treated, the lack of feedback or interaction, no direction, only hearing the negative, etc.  Rather than whining or complaining, or worse yet tolerating the situation in order to “collect that paycheck”, influence change.

Strong performers will complete their required duties and obligations, quickly and efficiently, and then challenge their leader for what’s next?

Instead of waiting on “the person in charge” to give you stimulating assignments, provide direction or deliver performance feedback, take the initiative to manage them by being tenacious in pursuing, and requiring, your job enlargement and enrichment.

Hold that “boss” accountable for doing their job in growing your career, both personally and professionally! That is an obligation of any leader worthy of the title.

Manage Up

Human nature dictates that “people resist change”.  Taking someone out of their comfort zone, and familiar surroundings or processes, makes this seem logical.

Nonetheless, to remain vibrant and competitive, organizations (and individuals for that matter) must not only embrace change, but ensure that it occurs in a timely and effective manner.

Change comes in various forms and sizes, ranging from moving office equipment or modifying routine procedures to major process renovations or reorganizations.

My experience has shown that the following requirements must occur in order to facilitate optimal “change” in an environment:

  • Ensure your employees are aware of “WHY” the change must occur
  • Deliver a clear “VISION” of what this change will do, for them and the company
  • Not only “SUPPORT” the change, but also eliminate obstacles that may interfere
  • “MOTIVATE” your people with focus on the rewards the change will bring
  • Reinforce the change by making it a part of your business “CULTURE”

Following this process coupled with ongoing enthusiasm and commitment during the transition will deliver the best possible outcomes.